Computer Aided Design

CAD Designer Job Description

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I remember my first electrical design that I was tasked with developing while I was working as an electrical design engineer within our instrumentation group. This simple circuit was a backup switch in the event that the primary mechanism failed and would ensure that the driver would still be able to modulate the temperature within the vehicle. I sat down …

Engineer ordering to worker

Logistics Engineer

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Have you ever watched the assembly process for a new vehicle? The basic structure of the vehicle begins at the start of the line and moves through the assembly process gradually adding features and form until the final vehicle drives off the assembly line. When a production process is started it does not stop until the assembly for that vehicle …

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Engineer

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Have you ever looked at a design and wondered why they made something the way that they did?  Did you analyze the part and disassemble it looking at the infrastructure as to why the end product looked like it did?  Did you puzzle over the innards of a part then put it back together and have parts left over but …

maintenance engineer checking technical data of heating system

Preventative Maintenance Engineer

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Throughout history, scientists and engineers have discussed the concept of perpetual motion.  The attraction to this idea is that once an object is put into motion it will never stop and will circumvent the laws of physics never losing any energy due to drag, wear and tear or loss energy.  Obviously, perpetual motion machines are not possible and when you …

automobile body at car plant

Sheet Metal and Body Shop Engineer

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Many of us have seen the movie Transformers where alien beings magically transform into vehicles of every make model and style.  Their metal bodies magically transform into every shape imaginable from small and compact cell phones to heavy duty trucks and fighter jets.  When they take on a more recognizable human like form, the components of their previous transformation like …

manufacturing parts for transmission

Industrial Engineer

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Industrial engineer, the title sounds rather ordinary, as if they ran out of words for the multitude of jobs available in the automotive industry and had to pick one that was still available.  But the job description for this field really describes a specialty within the automotive industry that is essential to creating an efficient manufacturing process.  The Industrial Engineer …

Quality Documentation

Quality Documentation Engineer

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Have you ever sat down and read the entire instruction manual for a new appliance?  These bulky documents list a tremendous amount of information, all of which seems irrelevant to the everyday user.  After all, when you are trying to determine the correct temperature settings or how to activate the water filtration system you really are not concerned that your …

Problem Solving

Quality Root Cause Analysis Engineer

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Have you ever watched a movie starring Sherlock Holmes?This intuitive and intelligent investigator would take a seemingly inconsequential piece of information and use it to take him down an investigative path till a crime was solved.  Sherlock Holmes launched an entire line of investigative analysis that resulted in the development of investigative techniques for criminals within the police force as …

Car Checking

Aesthetic Quality Control Engineer

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Many years ago when I was still a student engineer working for an instrumentation manufacturing subsidiary I had the opportunity to work in the quality department of our company.  The quality department was split into numerous different groups, each one responsible for various aspects of the product quality including functionality, production, materials and aesthetics.  In this particular job rotation I …

Application Engineer on phone

Sales/Applications Engineer Job

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The ads on the radio and TV are constantly there bombarding us with their end of year or holiday car sales all promising great deals on the automobiles that they insist we all must have.  Each sales pitch promises great features on vehicles that we all must be dying to own and drive and seem to assume our existing vehicle …

CNC Machine

Machining Engineer

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Remember growing up and playing with tinker toys, Legos, and other construction themed toys?  These toys came in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and let your creative side go wild looking for new ways to assemble them into a functional shape.  Sometimes you would try and build everyday items using the different styles of pieces and other times …

Manufacturing Test Engineer

Final Test Engineer

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Remember when you were young and received a birthday or Christmas present that you had been asking for that you saw on TV?  The pictures on the box would describe the wonderful features of the toy it contained inside but when you open the box the toy did not do what you expected.  The Easy Bake oven rarely cooked the …

Two Engineers Using Computerized CMM Arm In Factory

Measurement Lab Technician

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Did you use to play with rulers and tape measures when you were younger? Did you have a set of carefully organized measuring tools that you liked to keep to yourself instead of sharing with siblings? Were you very detail orientated and felt no cut should be made until you had measured two or three times to ensure its accuracy? …

Project manager

Project Manager Role in the Automotive Industry

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Have you ever been to a football and enjoyed watching a marching band perform during halftime? Or watched a choreographed dance by a troupe of ballet dancers? These activities are possible because they are carefully orchestrated with timing, balance of resources and synchronization and in each of these cases the leader of the group is responsible for putting together all …

Car Designer

Car Aesthetic Designer

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Consider the beauty of a finely tuned sports car as it flies around the corner of the track.  The aerodynamic design of the vehicle keeps it firmly planted on the ground allowing the sports suspension to grip the road as it rounds the turn and accelerates into the straightaway.  A sports car is a thing of beauty but it did …

Sine wave acoustics

Acoustics Engineers

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Every day if you listen to the radio you will most likely hear an advertisement for a popular audio chain that promises to improve the audio quality of the sound in your vehicle.  This chain is capitalizing on this market and the overall need that people have for good quality sound.  Good audio quality is pleasing to the ears and …