Machine Layout

Process Planner

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Imagine flying in jetliner and having no communication with the ground below as you approach a busy airport for a landing.  There are hundreds of airplanes of all sizes and types in range of the airport and each one is traveling at multiple speeds and at different altitudes.  Without someone coordinating the path of each airplane and ensuring their path …

Tool quality measuring process

Process Quality Engineer

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The idea of a production assembly line began in the automotive industry when Henry Ford first designed the assembly line process geared towards the mass production of the automobile. His innovation streamlined the total assembly time required from twelve hours down to 2.5 hours and helped to revolutionize the automobile industry by opening up the market to the everyday consumer …

Test Engineers

Automotive Test Engineers

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When you are purchasing an automobile you take it for a test drive to see if it meets your expectations and performs like it should. When you go clothes shopping you pick your size from the clothing rack but you try it on first to ensure it’s the right fit. When you purchase a bottle of wine in a restaurant …

Automotive Design Engineer

Automotive Design Engineers

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Have you ever put two things together and suddenly created a new and useful tool? Do you constantly look for new ways to improve the tools and objects you use in day-to-day life and find simple and creative ways to do a job differently or more efficiently? Do you have a garage full of inventions all in various stages of …

Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality Engineer

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Have you ever put together a puzzle only at the very end to have one piece remaining that did not fit in the last open slot? This frustrating situation means that you cannot finish the puzzle and the entire picture is not complete. Building an automobile is much like assembling a puzzle where each piece is designed to fit in …

Engineering tools on technical drawing. Digital caliper, ruler and mechanical pencil

Tooling Engineers

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Do you find yourself idolizing heroes on TV shows like MacGyver that utilizes his scientific knowledge to turn day to day items into life-saving tools, admire the professor on Gilligan’s Island reruns for outfitting the castaways with innovative luxuries despite the barrenness of the island or even the British Intelligence agency who outfitted James Bond with cutting edge technological gadgets? …

Purchasing Engineer

Purchasing Engineer

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Have you ever received a gift of clothes from a relative or friend? Unless these gift-givers knew us very well these gifts often were the wrong color, size and sometimes a style from a different era. The clothing may have been unusable and sent to the dark recesses of a closet never to be worn again. In the automotive engineering world purchasing engineers …

Customer Quality Engineer

Keep Customers Happy as a Customer Quality Engineer

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When you stay at a high-end hotel, the hotel provides a concierge service that works directly with the guests at the hotel to help ensure that their stay is perfect. The concierge will address any issues with the rooms, help make reservations at local restaurants, arrange for transportation and even provide suggestions of local attractions. This ensures that will make …

Change management

Change Management Engineer

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In the wild there are multiple types of moths that have evolved different patterns on their wings that give them a camouflage from predators so that they are not caught and the species can survive. The moths develop patterns that match their environment and will resemble the leaves, bark or flowers but sometimes their environment changes and the moths must …

Robots welding in factory

Robotics Engineers – Automating Car Manufacturing

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In the 2013 science fiction movie Pacific Rim the world was defended by invading monsters from another world by large robots called Jaegers that were large enough to battle the constantly increasing in size attackers. The Jaegars were gigantic humanoid appearing robots that were controlled by multiple human controllers with exotic computer systems and neural bridges between the human pilots.   …