Engineering Planner

Materials Planner

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In my career as a Program Manager I’ve had many long conversations with our Materials Planning organizations.  It seems, that no matter how much we coordinate the development activities during the early phases of our products as we approach the prototype and pilot stages where all parts must be representative of the end product, we are constantly waiting for parts …

Laptop Car Engineer

Controls Engineer

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Many of us have seen the popular TV series “The Walking Dead” which portray the stories and lives of people who are trapped in a zombie apocalypse but most importantly feature the ever present zombies.  The concept of zombies seems to fascinate people worldwide with their mindless wandering and constant craving for living flesh.  These mindless walking dead victims have …

Automotive Engineering Degree

Automotive Engineering Degree – Turn Your Passion into a Career!

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It has been said that we should work in order to live and not the other way around but if you are an automobile fanatic then why not consider combining your love for automobiles with a job in the automotive engineering field? When you decide that you want to combine a passion with a career and make a living in …

Engineering thinking about equations

Cpk Statistics Calculations for Automotive Engineers

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Automotive manufacturing engineers spend considerable time and effort designing a manufacturing process but in order to ensure the processes are capable and ready to go to production there needs to be a gauge. The process capability index is the statistical calculation that manufacturing engineers employ to assess the statistical capability of the manufacturing process to produce high quality products that …

Car Backup Camera

Safety Features in Cars – Way Beyond the Seatbelt

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The vehicles that we driver are engineering marvels that include numerous features designed to keep us safe and protected from harm as we go about our daily lives. Many safety features are obvious such as seatbelts and specially designed car seats for children but there are others that only become apparent in emergency situations such as airbags, seat belt pretensioners …

Car shopping cart concept in Helping Consumers

J.D. Power Car Reliability – Helping Consumers Have a Say

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Everyone has seen car commercials on TV and been amazed at how the new features are carefully staged to give the vehicle an ethereal glamor to the potential buyer but very few commercials will give you the honest truth about a new vehicle. Could you imagine a car commercial that showed a legitimate owner discussing their experience with purchasing? Customer …


TS16949: The Main US Automotive Standard

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Countries have constitutions that define the operating parameters for their lands and set the basis to govern their people. Religions have bibles and religious documents that outline the basis of their faith and expectations for their believers. The Automotive Industry has also established guidelines for quality management during the design, development and production of automotive products. If you are learning how …

design for six sigma

Six Sigma Process for Automotive Manufacturing

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There are slogans in the world that have become synonymous with a reliable, high quality product like “a diamond is forever” for diamond jewelry, “don’t leave home without it” for a reliable credit card and even “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” describing a durable watch. When you talk about automotive manufacturing the phrase ‘six sigma’ has become the …

FMEA Process

FMEA Process (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) in Engineering

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When special ops forces prepare for a mission they begin by gathering as much information about their target as they can find. They look at maps and building blueprints and analyze entrance, exits and potential hiding spots. During the product approval process They go through the entire mission and practice each person’s role in the operation looking at weak points in …