Privacy Policy

We publish this Privacy Policy to let you know how we collect and use data about you as individuals in your business and professional roles and to describe what choices you have.

Information That Identifies You

First and foremost the email address and name you provide for your email subscription will not be disclosed to any third party. It is for Automotive Engineering HQ and its sole owners exclusively and will never be published or sold. We take your privacy very seriously.

We rely on the information you provide to us as you register, contact us, participate in surveys, post comments to public areas of and interact with digital properties and assets, respond to email campaigns, participate in webinars or online events or attend face to face events. All of this information is optional and is not required to use the site.

Once you have registered with us, we will create a profile for you. We will add information about how you interact with our offerings for example, your registrations or subscriptions. We may also add information to your profile from external sources.

We may work to expand our communities by acquiring names and contact details from other sources that have compiled contact information. This information might be public information or data you provided to others with necessary permissions. We may also invite you to join our communities via third party social and professional networking sites.

Automatic Data Collection Technologies

We also use cookies and common data collection technologies, including web beacons and clear GIFs associated with cookies, on our web pages, in newsletters, and in our email campaigns to collect information both on an aggregate and individual basis.

Some of our web sites use Adobe Flash to provide video content, and the Adobe Flash Player has the ability to separately store information about that particular Flash application. We do not associate this Adobe Flash stored information with you as an individual. Please see the Adobe Flash Player Help page for additional information about controlling the settings of the Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

We gather date, time, certain information about a user’s browser and system or device configuration and capabilities, navigation history and IP address for all visitors to our web sites. We use this information for our internal security audit log, for trend analysis and system administration and to gather broad information about our audiences and their geographic locations.

Please see More Information About Cookies, below, for additional details about how we use cookies that identify you, which third party advertisers and advertising networks we allow to serve third party advertising displayed on our sites or to display our ads to you once you have left our web pages and how to control cookies or their use for serving targeted advertising.

Our apps may gather information about the mobile device that you use to access content.

How We Use Information That Identifies You

We use information about you:

  • To provide the services, publications, and information you request and to manage your account with us.
  • To deliver or display content that matches your professional interests and responsibilities.
  • To contact you with information about and invitations for products and services – ours and other companies’ – directed to your professional interests and responsibilities.
  • To offer you opportunities to connect directly with your peers and with sellers of technology that may be of interest to you.
  • To give suppliers in our communities a limited opportunity to find you based on your interests on this site. If you wish to find out how contact information about you is being used in any way please email us at
  • We will disclose to a third party your contact and personal information, if given permission by you in an opt in form, for employment opportunities, marketing events, job fairs, request for interviews, or any other contact from a company regarding your job history or employment.
  • For any other purpose that we tell you about when you give us the information.

Your Choices

You have choices about:

Receiving email marketing messages from us

You may opt out of our email marketing lists by following the directions at the bottom of our promotional emails.

To avoid confusion, please note that

  • We have a number of brands and products and allow you to opt out selectively. To remove a specific email address from all email marketing from, you may send a request to or opt out at the bottom of the email.
  • Affiliated companies within the, see These affiliates may publish separate privacy policies and so, collect and use data about you in other ways If you wish to remove your email address from another affiliate’s list, kindly use the unsubscribe mechanism provided in emails you receive from that affiliate or contact that affiliate directly.
  • You may receive email marketing messages from us about other companies’ offerings as part of a partner marketing program. To opt out of a partner marketing email program, you may follow the instructions at the bottom of any email we send you as part of the program.

Connecting directly with other companies for marketing purposes at our events

  • Sponsors of our events receive the name, title and company of the people who register for the event.
  • If you attend a special sponsored session at an event or sponsored conference, we will collect your full registration details on behalf of the sponsor(s) and provide the information to the sponsor.
  • You otherwise control when to provide information, including your email address, to exhibitors or any third party at a event. Please note, exhibitors may use equipment to scan that information from your badge, with your consent or participation. The badges cannot be read at a distance.

Connecting directly with other companies for marketing purposes in the digital world

  • Your registration for digital events. We create specific online resources, for example, webinars or special digital editions, for vendors in our market sectors. If you register for one of these vendor branded (or co-branded with us) resources, we will collect your registration information on behalf of the vendor for that vendor’s own use. We may also keep a copy of that data as well. We will usually provide a link to the vendor’s privacy policy (as well as to this Privacy Policy) on the registration page.
  • Your interests. We put you in touch with third parties when your behavior at a digital event or online indicates that you may be interested in a vendor’s offerings. In addition to providing you with our own editorial content, we offer you the opportunity to access others’ branded content and expertise. When you choose to take advantage of that content or expertise, you choose to have your name and contact details transferred directly to that other company so that they may contact you. We will put you in direct contact with another company or companies when you choose to:
    1. Access third party resources in certain registration only, or “gated” resource centers or directory services. If you log on and either access or click on a link to technical resources provided or sponsored by another company, we will provide your contact data to that company.
    2. Subscribe to our vendor email newsletters and click on a vendor’s information and offerings.
    3. As you attend a virtual event, we may give your name and contact data plus a record of your visits to the exhibitor(s) whose booth and resources you access.

If you want to know how a vendor or advertiser will use data about you, we urge you to check that vendor’s or advertiser’s privacy policy.

We will use one or more cookies to track your interests in the digital resources listed above. Your registration for and log on to any of the above specific, gated activities will constitute you consent to be tracked as described and to be put in touch directly with any vendors you select. If you wish to withdraw that consent, simply do not attend the event or access the resources.

Making information you provide public.

  • We offer web sites that allow you to publish content. Many of these sites require that you register if you wish to do so. We will publish the user name you provide at registration when you comment. Some sites allow you to create a public profile as well.
  • Our online event venues also allow you to have both public and closed communications with exhibitors and other participants. Information that identifies you will be published or shared according to your choices in that venue.
  • In addition, we may create online membership communities that allow you to create and publish your profile and other information. These communities may provide privacy controls which allow you to choose how much of your profile and other information to make public or to share with others within the community. As a professional, you remain responsible for locating the privacy controls (usually available on the page from which you can edit your profile), understanding how those controls, including default settings, work and protecting the information you provide.
  • Some of our apps allow you to publish information available to others who are also using the same app. We recommend that you understand how the app will work, what access it may have to your social media or other accounts, and what choices you may have.

Keeping your account information up to date.

Please help us keep your account information up to date. You may update most online registrations by consulting the particular web site itself or visiting a preference page after you have logged on to the site.

More Information About Cookies

Our cookies

We place cookies that identify you, or allow third parties to do so on our behalf, for the following purposes:

  • To recognize you automatically when you return to a gated community.
  • To understand your interests in content, both our own content and that of other companies, on or across our web sites.
  • To control access to webinars and virtual events.
  • To make an automated record of your interests within a digital property.
  • To manage and follow up on email campaigns.

You may use the tools in your browser to decline, disable, or delete any cookies.

You will still be able to log on to a gated digital property if you decline or delete the persistent cookie that enables automatic recognition but you will need to log on each time.

Third party advertising cookies

We allow other companies, called third party ad servers, to serve ads on our digital properties.

We recommend that you to visit each of their web sites for more information about the technologies they use and their privacy practices, including your ability to block their cookies or ad targeting. Please note that we do not control cookies and other data collection technologies that the ad servers may allow or that their advertisers may use.

Most of the third party ad serving companies that serve ads to our web site is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative, The NAI offers useful information about ad networks and a single place to turn off targeted ad serving from any of its members.

We may add or change the list of third party ad servers from time to time without changing the effective date of this Policy itself. We urge you to check this section for changes regularly.

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