Automotive Engineering Resources

Hey Everyone,

Here is a list of some great resources for up and coming automotive engineers. We will scour the internet every week and look for the best sites and resources to help you out. – A website for automotive engineers written by automotive engineers. Great coverage of all topics automotive from car reviews to technology news and everything in between. Great source to find many up and coming topics related to the automotive industry. The website’s creators, Charlie and Romain really have a passion for all things automotive and bring their real world experience to the site. – A great resource for learning GD&T, one of the most important things you need to learn as an automotive engineer. At GD&T Basics they have loads of examples and simple to follow diagrams that describe each GD&T concept in detail. They also offer a training program that covers the fundamentals of GD&T, which is something everyone should have on their resume.

How Does A Car Work – This is a great site for everyone looking to learn more about the  aspects of automotive technology. Jason does an amazing job though a series of videos describing how everything functions. Everything is presented in a simple, down to earth manner that even an engineering beginner can understand. I highly recommend this site.

Society for Automotive Engineers – Very large resource for everything related to the automotive industry. Good for networking out of college and keeping up on news in the automotive industry.

Solidwize – Solidworks is my favorite modeling software and is the best program for beginners to learn CAD. And to learn Solidworks there is no better training program that Solidwize. This is your the best source for online CAD training.

i Get It -Great resource for any engineering training you may need. If you are looking to further your knowledge of engineering and are looking for information on CAD, GD&T, and other engineering principals look no further than i Get It. They have a great automotive section to learn design training principals directly related to automotive design.

Automotive Directories – Here you will find links to a variety of automotive links to sites ranging from part suppliers to car blogs. There are a wide range of options available for you to choose from.